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The journal of an old man-2

I am for IPL matches. I think Cauvery struggle has gone out of the limit. Let us keep cricket out of politics. If we boycott IPL would be snatched by ever waiting other franchises . The loss would be Tamil Nadu.

My support for today match is obviously for Dinesh Kartik.

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Haiti Tragedy

In an op-ed column titled “The Underlaying Tragedy” David Brooks brought an interesting observation in The New York Times. California had experienced an earthquake of similiar 7.00 magnitude that Haiti had now in 1989.But casualties were different.California had a death total 69 where as death total of Haiti might be any where between 40000 and 50000. The reasons were poorly constructed buildings,bad infrastructure and terrible public services. Read the full story

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India and Climate change

yester day i read an interesting blog. A policeman showed literary taste in filing a report.Policemen are genearally known to be tasteless bunch of croonies with out heart. But here isa policeman who shows his literary skill and flair for dramatics in filing a report.Enjoy THIS

when every one in the world shout over climate change here in India Intergovermental panel on climate change and Minister for environment Mr .Jairam Ramesh are at loggerheads. Minister is refusing to believe global warming is responsible for DEPLETION OF HIMALAYAN GLACIERS.- The same Minister yells louder about environmental disaster when it comes to Periyar dam. The polticians have two different sets of rules.

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Will India Make it?




According to, news 800 million people in India are still below poverty line. As per their article it will take another 34 years to bring them above poverty line. India is a country with vast middle class. But the gap between haves and have not is widened. But we have resources. What India lacks is good governance. Corrupt politicians and equally corrupt bureaucrat are responsible for this mess. China with a population more than ours made a remarkable progress. Of course their government is totalitarian. As one of the Bric nations (Brazil, Russia, India and china) Will India live up to the expectation placed upon it?

Here is an interesting quote from the web

what we do is only partly
our own and partly continuation
down through the chromosomes.

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Fall Colour

A drive way in Pennsylvania

A drive way in Pennsylvania

“Colors burst in wild explosions
Fiery, flaming shades of fall
All in accord with my pounding heart
Behold the autumn-weaver
In bronze and yellow dying
Colors unfold into dreams
In hordes of a thousand and one
The bleeding
Unwearing their masks to the last notes of summer
Their flutes and horns in nightly swarming
Colors burst within
Spare me those unending fires
Bestowed upon the flaming shades of fall.”
–   Dark Tranquility, With the Flaming Shades of Fall
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Elvis and F.B.I

Elvis in 1970
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Today in my favorite site Letters of note , I saw an interesting letter sent to F.B.I Director Edgar Hoover by a Catholic religious newspaper in 1956. The complaint was about Elvis Presley stage performance. The hysterical behavior of the teens during the performance irked him. He wants Elvis to be put behind bars as he poisoned youth minds with his gyrated sexual movements.

But eyewitnesses have told me that Presley’s actions and motions were such as to rouse the sexual passions of teenaged youth. One eye-witness described his actions as “sexual self-gratification on the stage,” — another as “a striptease with clothes on.”

What he would tell about today’s rappers. Enjoy the full letter here.

How would an aged but affectionate couple look like?

“long-married couple, who hardly

notice each other but find it somehow a comfort

sharing the couch, the evening news, the cocoa.”

(Katha Pollitt-Cats)

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Davids always win Goliaths

The young Hebrew David hoists the head of the ...
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It’s always a great surprise whenever an underdog demolished a strong team in sports. In 1983 world cup cricket final India dwarf in cricket beat Mighty West Indiies that consisted fearsome fast bowlers. Sometimes even in war a small band of insurgents defeat strong army.

Malcom Gladwell author of Blink and Outliers in article titled How David beats Goliath published in The New Yorker he gave an account of how an underdog   school kids were coached to beat good team which had players who were tall and could dribble  and shoot well in American National junior basket ball league. Their game was aggressive defense.

“David can beat Goliath by substituting effort for ability-and substituting effort for ability turns to be a winning formula for underdogs for all walks of life.  “

He gave instances of history in which a band of insurgents beat well trained and equipped army. T.E Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, in one such battle with the help of hand full of Bedouins drove mighty Turks to its knees. In a conventional war fare Established army always wins. Insurgents cannot win a conventional battle because rules were made by the establishment. But in Gorilla tactics, when underdogs choose not to play by Goliath’s rules, they win. “Even when everything we think we know about power says they shouldn’t.””Insurgents work harder than Goliath. But their other advantage is that they will do what is “socially horrifying”—they will challenge the conventions about how battles are supposed to be fought”

“David’s victory over Goliath, in the Biblical account, is held to be an anomaly. It was not. Davids win all the time. The political scientist Ivan Arreguín-Toft recently looked at every war fought in the past two hundred years between strong and weak combatants. The Goliaths, he found, won in 71.5 per cent of the cases. That is a remarkable fact. Arreguín-Toft was analyzing conflicts in which one side was at least ten times as powerful—in terms of armed might and population—as its opponent, and even in those lopsided contests the underdog won almost a third of the time.”

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Let us pass on a healthy Planet

1973 U.S.
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Environment is one of the subjects closer to my heart. Ever since I read the silent spring by Rachel Carson I have been converted to crusades of environmental protection. I came across an intelligent article by Johann Hari in He cautions if the manmade warming rises beyond 2.4C irrecoverable damage would be done to planet Earth. We must act fast. He has fixed year 2015 as a dead line. He laments that the developed countries have not done anything. They refused to think beyond fossil fuels. They have not done anything to encourage tapping solar power for our energy needs.

“The entire energy needs of the US could be met by covering 200 square kilometers of its empty deserts with solar plants: it would cost about 10 years’ worth of oil purchases, with none of wars tyranny or blowback Islamism.”

It’s achievable. Instead of discouraging carbon based energy source World Bank lend millions of dollars to start a coal based energy generating plant in Gujarat, Western India. What a retro step in containing carbon emission.

Carl Zimmer in his science blog says it in a different way,

Apocalypse via Press Release

   ..Today a team of scientists offer a new way of thinking about the environmental fix we’re in. In the words of one of the scientists, we’re driving around on a mesa in the dark with the lights off and without a map. We may fall off the edge of the mesa before we realize where the edge was.

The scientists argue for a safe operating space for the planet, which they propose should be bounded by limits on the carbon dioxide in the air and other factors. That way, we’ll stay away from dangerous thresholds and be able to pass on a healthy planet to our children.

I stumbled upon this beautiful environmental poem from a blog by Jeff McMahon.

The polar ice-caps are melting, the mountain glaciers

Drip into rivers; all feed the ocean ;

Tides ebb and flow, but every year a little bit higher.

They will drown New York, they will drown London.

And this place, where I have planted tree and built a stone house,

Will be under sea. The poor trees will perish,

And little fish will flicker in and out the windows. I built it well,

Thick walls and Portland cement and gray granite,

The tower at least will hold against the sea’s buffeting ; it will become

Geological, fossil and permanent.

What a pleasure it is to mix one’s mind with geological

Time, or with astronomical relax it.

There is nothing like astronomy to pull the stuff out of man.

His stupid dreams and red-rooster importance: let him count the star-swirls.

—————–   Robinson Jeffers

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Tragic Letter

I accidentally stumbled upon this site through This  site is about letters of note gathered which was fascinating and of interest to read at the same time. Sometimes letters may be funny some times sad too. I read a letter which was heartbreaking and sad.This one was a farewell letter written to her sister by one who was about to be shifted to Auschwitz camp during the time of Nazi Germany. My eyes are filled with tears when i read the following lines,

“Tomorrow I am leaving, separately from the others. Beginning tomorrow you shall never hear from me again. I shall vanish in the boundless spheres where those had to vanish who recognized and saw, what the whole world looked with crossed arms”.

I have no words to describe the agony he might have felt when he wrote those words. Even 60 years after such atrocities The world has not changed much. We have Abu Gharib even now.

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Tale of two Iraqis

TODAY my net journey brought me an interesting piece of information. Everyone would have remembered the famous Iraqi shoe thrower. We have actually admired his guts in throwing his shoes on to a most powerful man on earth. I viewed it only as a spontaneous reaction by an individual angered by the unjust war thrust upon a helpless nation. He was released from the prison recently. I saw an article by him in He cited his reasons for throwing the shoe ,

“I am not a hero. But I have a point of view. I have a stance. It humiliated me to see my country humiliated; and to see my Baghdad burned, my people killed. Thousands of tragic pictures remained in my head, pushing me towards the path of confrontation.”

So far his reasons were justified. But when he justified Sadam Hussain’s regime he become a suspect, as  he said ,

“We used to be a nation in which the Arab would share with the Turkman and the Kurd and the Assyrian and the Sabean and the Yazid his daily bread. And the Shia would pray with Sunni on line.”

Believe it if you can?

After all he is also a jihadi fundamentalist. Both Bush and Saddam are two sides of the same coin.

I read about another Iraqi.

Farouk al-Kasim a geologist from Iraq helped Norway became a petroleum superpower. When Norway was just under the brink of oil discovery Farouk entered Norway as a jobless geologist with expertise in oil exploring. He was the right man at the right time right place. He was just flown from Iraq looking for medical treatment  for his son afflicted with cerebral palsy the kind of care that could be obtained only in Norway. How Al-Kasim set out to write the nation’s blueprint for Petroleum industry is a lesson for every immigrant who reach the foreign shores in search of job.

The office was no place for this work, al-Kasim and a colleague decided. summer day in 1971, they left Oslo for the colleague’s cabin in the woods, where they spent what al-Kasim remembers as the most exciting work week of his life. They worked on the plan into the early hours, taking fishing trips “between the battles”, he recalls. By the time they came home, they had drafted a government white paper that was later presented to parliament and unanimously waved into law. This created the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the oil industry regulator, and Statoil, the national oil company (now known as StatoilHydro0)

This is my tale of two Iraqis. Al-Kasim is my kind of hero.

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